Welcome to RTB 3 - Civica’s 360° on line assessment tool

As you are aware, we launched Raising The Bar, our leadership programme in July 2005. Since then over 200 Directors, Managers and Team Leaders have joined the programme.  Phase 1 of RTB focused on learning the basics of leadership and provided you with a toolkit of techniques to help in your management role. Phase 2, allowed you to focus on your personal development needs and you were able to choose which workshops were important and helpful to you.

Now you have progressed to stage 3 the focus is on self development and learning. A component of this stage of your development  is to understand how you impact those around you, your boss, your peer group and those who work for you. By gaining this information, you raise your self awareness and take ownership of your strengths and development needs. Just gaining an understanding of what people see as your strengths allows you to make the most of them in order to be successful. Knowing your weaknesses is an advantage as it provides you with the confidence to adapt your management style to the situation.

It is important for you to remember that you may disagree with some comments, however as we mentioned in RTB, people have perceptions and you may have to adapt your communication in order to change these perceptions. Knowing when to pull rather than push, as you already know, can have a significant benefit to a relationship. Understanding how to deal with people at different stages of a change programme allows you and them to move through the change much more quickly. 

The whole philosophy of Raising The Bar is not about testing you as a manager, it’s about providing you with the tools and resources for you to take ownership of your own development.


Wendy Merry